something in the wind.

"you're living in a man's world," they tell us

It's strange, the way things are similar and...not, here in this new Atlantis. She understands her alternate (Elizabeth Liddell, she keeps having to remind herself) had similar habits to her own; training and yoga sessions with Teyla to keep the over-protective military happy. Of course, she imagines (correctly) that the addition of Ronon to those in her universe...made them slightly different.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Adjusting to Earth was easier. Adjusting to Cameron had been easier, when all of those changes between her Atlantis and this one were...not irrelevant, but certainly not discussed. (Like Mack.) Adjusting to a place that was just...not quite what she thought it should be...

Well, Monday is another day, and it finds Dr Mitchell outside Teyla's quarters with tea, and a citrus tart she had to talk fast to get all of.
living in a man's world.

the lights of the city are the stars on the ground

"--been working on it for a few weeks now; it might come in useful in your manhunt."

"'My manhunt'." She flashes Steven an amused little smile and pauses at the transporter. "Let them know I'd like to talk with them."

"I will. Enjoy your breakfast, doctor."

"If not the coffee. We really need to do something about that."

He chuckles, and they go their separate ways. Alexandra is still trying to decide whether or not she really needs more than fruit and a coffee when she catches a glimpse of Sam Lohime, mysteriously lacking in the usual attachment of either Rodney or his wife.
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Well, curiouser and curiouser. No, not really. It's time to send nice Mr Woolsey home for her tea and crumpets reporting and whatnot. But what is this! They cannot dial through.

How odd. How strange. Perhaps McKay shall investigate this further. Perhaps he should call Dr Weir in!

Perhaps he will do just that.

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After about an hour in the briefing room with Woosley, John is In A Mood.

So naturally, he has to go right across to Elizabeth's office. She's there. She's always there. Possibly even more often now that the IOA is breathing down their necks.

"Okay. Just out of political curiosity, how much trouble is it gonna cause you if I knock this Woolsey guy in the head?"
is bright-eyed.

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If there is one thing Nara does not like about her rare trips off-world (which are otherwise awesome, even the ones where she has to run very fast or get attacked), it's the uniforms. She had hoped they did not make uniforms for women as tiny as she is, but apparently they do. Bastards.

SO! She has been off-world, helping out with trade relations on a planet similar in culture to her people. She's just coming out of the briefing room, intending to head back to the McKays' quarters to GET THIS UNIFORM OFF and then possibly she'll find some coffee and a chocolate bar and go harass Rodney. If he doesn't find her first. Which he might. Perhaps he will overhear the team she accompanied commenting on 'Ms McKay' and her excellent schmoozing abilities.
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Despite being deskbound these days, John tends to take his paperwork to sit in his jumper. It's relaxing, and he feels more on edge than he did before the new planet. Being seperated from everyone is getting easier, and that scares him. But things in the puddle jumper make sense. He likes to work here.

So as soon as he can slip away from his office, he ducks into the jumper bay to work instead.

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It's first thing in the morning and Cameron decides that he can't sleep. It's too early to go to base, Elizabeth beside him is sleeping peacefully and he dosn't want to wake her. So he kisses her head, tucks the blankets up around her securely, and gets dressed in the dark before grabbing his pinpoint and going to Atlantis.

It's even earlier here. But he knows this Elizabeth will still be awake, or be just getting up. She and Sheppard both live unholy hours that Cameron is glad he doesn't have to put up with anymore.

Her office is the first place he checks, and he smiles brightly when he spots her, stealing some poor tech's coffee before wandering in and plunking down across from her.

"Don't you ever sleep?"

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Elizabeth spends most of her time, lately, in her office. The science team have a few requests that she has to review, and the restructuring that went on during the countdown to declassification is now being undone as it proved ultimately unnecessary. It provides her of joys...yet more paperwork. Her work email is full of petty complaints that she really shouldn't be obliged to deal with, but she reads each and every one of them and usually finds the time to respond with something.

At the very least, there don't appear to be any plots against Rodney at the moment, so she counts today a success so far.